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 Changes to guild renown decay

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Changes to guild renown decay Empty
PostSubject: Changes to guild renown decay   Changes to guild renown decay EmptyThu Nov 22, 2012 6:47 am

Changes to Guild renown decay. Renown loss is now based on guild level NOT guild size. However the small guild(25 active accounts) renown bonus still applies. I've noticed this recently as i now get something like 900 renown from 500 instead of about 550. I've read a bit about it and as far as i can understand and as of update 16, The Frag loses 10,805 renown per day at level 70. Also from Tolero's dev thread its seems this 'Test' is making people happier so is with us permanent by the looks of it. Some tweaking of it seems to be the major complaint and that of just remove guild renown decay completely :-)
So it looks like we'll be okay, the guild seems to be holding-ish. We're not a "You must run irestone inlet an hour a day for renown, guild". So hopefully we'll maintain lev 70 which i personally like very much :-), not to say the couple of large guild augment slot items i have. We'd still have same ship buffs at level 63(i think), so i've been 'harping' on about nothing again.
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Changes to guild renown decay
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