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 Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack

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Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack Empty
PostSubject: Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack   Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack EmptyTue Mar 05, 2013 5:51 am

Quote :
As I have always said, one of the strengths of DDO is great adventures to undertake and that is why I am most pleased to announce DDO’s second expansion titled ‘Shadowfell Conspiracy’ coming this summer! We are turning our attention back to the Forgotten Realms and we are taking you to some new regions in Cormyr. We will be taking brave heroes, level 15 and up, to a foreboding prison city to the south east of Eveningstar called Wheloon, and high up into the Stormhorn Mountains, north of the high road.

Shadowfell Conspiracy will have more than just new quests and regions, we will also be raising the level cap to 28 and providing something often requested by fans: faster access to the Forgotten Realms! With a new prestige character feature we are calling Iconic Heroes; we think we have an innovative solution that will get you right into the Forgotten Realms starting at level 15. Each of these Forgotten Realms born characters will start as a race class combination with new racial abilities. I can’t wait to tell you more about these characters in the coming months.
Later in the year we have some other great stories planned and we plan to focus our attention on the True Reincarnation options and update the system to work for Epic level players. Epic True Reincarnation would also introduce a new completionist track. What would two more stat points do to your TR character? Well, stay tuned this summer for an update on our development progress!

I'm guessing we will have to fork out more money. Start saving up those pennies.
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Makes an ogre look pretty
Makes an ogre look pretty

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Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack Empty
PostSubject: Re: Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack   Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack EmptySun May 26, 2013 1:58 am

I wonder if we are going to see an expansion once a year now, seems to be the pattern with lotro at the moment.
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The Missing Link

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Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack Empty
PostSubject: New EDITED New ezpansion , freebies and a GOOD BUG/exploit   Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack EmptyMon May 27, 2013 5:14 am

New quest and expansion.
1st off there are 3 new quests BUT you can only do 2 if VIP. You can go to the new public area in Wheloon when you take the 3rd quest in eveningstar But cannot enter the 3rd quest unless you buy expansion.
From what i've read there will be 10 new quests(not inc the 3 now available)and 2 explorer area's. But no Raid. The quests will be lev 15+. A bit worrying now i've bought it. But the feeling is they will make them epic aswel. They better or its gonna upset LOTS of people.
Iconic characters are on the high priority for being made TR-able. Ist they will make them lesser reincarnate so at least you could fix build probs.

Luckily we made our way to forgotten realms as the quest spinner of shadows(spider 1) can bug out and been closed. They are working to fix things with a bug fix update this week sometime

Freebies 2 this week. I'm posting this again here because not everyone has access to whole forum where i alllready posted it doh

FREEBIES Remember to press APPLY COUPON button and check price goes to ZERO before buying

This id for players who hav'nt used them before. Freebies are nearly allways only 1 per account total so you get 1 item from ddo store (NOT per server or per character) The healing potions below are x 10 BUT ONE item in ddo store. When a very rare freebie differs from this i'll make sure i state that.
There is a new freebie nearly every week on friday but with the time zone thing its usually saturday before i find it.. I used to post this in guild msg but with hings lately i hav'nt . In a week or 2 i'll start doing this again. So until then check out the forum on saturday for the next exciting feebie

Because of all the problems a special freebie from ddo team.

Sovereign xp elixir X 1 (50% xp bonus this is worth i think t 595p CODE 4UMSXP not sure how long this is available for so get 1 now.

freebie of the week available untill 30th may
NEW Gold Seal Elixir of Improved Healing X 10 (worth 100tp) CODE GSEH01

This BUG exploit NO longer works
WARNING before you try what i've posted below. DO NOT do it on an Epic character as many reports of bugs as serious as losing all your epic destinies/xp which has be going on for a LONG time.
BUG ? but a good one. If you lesser re-incarnate(most people may still have ONE FREE per toon from the last expansion) . The New expansion 'tickets are re-issued. SO you get extra skill tomes. I did this myself last night without knowing this BUT i've since read a few people have done it. I did'nt get extra cosmetics BUT skill tomes i could use. SO if anyone has bought the new expansion, has a rogue(or toons that use skills a lot) and a Free LR then this may be worth doing.
Turbine know this is happening so get them while you can. You may have a problem logging on with the toon after doing this (from Turbine) so if you do just leave the toon a couple of hours and you'll be able to log back in . Its like when they re-issued those birthday cakes(+2 tomes) many people got 2 or more per toon.
To check if you have a Free LR go to KRUZ in house J by the pond as you enter from the marketplace. Jump up the stone blocks next to the bridge over the pond.
So you can guess what i'm upto today he he

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Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack Empty
PostSubject: Re: Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack   Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack Empty

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Next Forgotten Realms expansion pack
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