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 Pete asked about Reincarnation, here's some info +enhancement pass soon

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PostSubject: Pete asked about Reincarnation, here's some info +enhancement pass soon   Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:01 pm

I'd advise anyone to wait until after the new expansion(or Not read on) because they are changing enhancements. Yep you are going to have to re-do all your characters enhancements!!! . Also like last update they will give everyone a free lesser tr(and better according to dev's) .
DDO will have EPIC TR soon, there's been a big uproar on the forums about it. Mostly because they originally posted that ALL epic destinies would be gone 'Kapoof' (forums also went kapoof big time). Which is prob ok if you only have 2 or maybe 3 maxed out BUT bloody well does when you have several. I have'nt seen a new 'offer on the table' yet but they are working on it.
SO until Aug 18th(prob a couple of months after but you never know with turbine) an epic level character can do a TR start back at level 1 and keep ALL epic destinies and fate points. *which become available again as you keep levelling up past 20

DDO Wiki page about lr's and tr's

For TR you need to spend TP or have a look in your green bag
100 Token Fragments can be converted to a Token of the Twelve at the Altar of Epic Rituals.
20 Tokens of the Twelve can be exchanged for a True Reincarnation token (True Druidic Heart of Wood).

Remember its only
1.9 million xp for 1st life
3.1 million for 2nd life
4.3 million for 3rd life and any after that
BUT the devs have said that they are going to change this a little .
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Pete asked about Reincarnation, here's some info +enhancement pass soon
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