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 For shulaya? Morwenial

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The Missing Link
The Missing Link

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PostSubject: For shulaya? Morwenial   Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:02 am

1st off you don't need an uber build or character to deal with nearly all traps/locks in DDO.

casual/normal/hard traps rarely instant kill so no problem. Also easier to find/disable.
Elite traps need all the magic/items/boosts/skill-points you can muster. In forgotten realms traps are still as difficult to spot etc but are not quite so deadly on elite. Spell wards can be unless you move back away from them quick before they go off again. I've noticed with Runikz who can search unlock disable even the most difficult of traps/locks/doors. Yes i can find the GH door/trap in cabal but has yet to disable it because of no evasion. I've opened the door/chest/traps in epic quests on 1st-4th attempt that i was told their elite rogue friends took 20 tries to do. But he has had difficulty in the new quests, so not sure whats going on there.

Spot is the rogue/arti weak point because its Wisdom so +stat items are a must after lev 11 this should be +6. I've put +15 spot goggles in guild chest. This is where people who play a lot who then know where the traps are have an easier time of it. That does not include me :-)

Search and Disable are Intelligence. Arti's have no problem because Int is their main stat. But like Rogues need +stat int items again +6 at lev 11+. I've put +15 search goggles and a +6 int ring in guild chest.

Open locks is Dexterity. This is easy, i think there are only about 6 locks in the whole game that are extreme.

With rogues upto level 18+ i found it easy to have spot/search/disable/open-lock googles on a hot bar next to the search etc button.

There are some great easy to get items in House Cannith quest lev 18. But who knows what new magic is to be found.

Runikz can only craft unbound +4 stat +10 spot/skill items. He's about 104 arcane 80 elemental 70 divine. Probably time i had another hammer at it.

Don't forget about UMD as you'll be able to raise dead even Heal eventually and even a % chance for scrolls to work can save the day.

Right off to sort out Alihealsome, allready realised a mistake i did'nt take empower healing feat hmmm
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PostSubject: Re: For shulaya? Morwenial   Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:09 pm

Note that Spot is less important for a rogue/arti now, depending on your race, as there is an enhancement that can give you auto-search (ie. revealing traps as you walk past). There is a -4 search penalty when used this way, but you should always keep your search maxed out in any case so you won't notice unless you're doing elite.

Wisdom and charisma are dump stats for rogues, and you don't need high strength either if you're going dex based, as rapiers, daggers, shortswords and kukri can now take their attack and damage modifiers from dex (if you take Weapon Finesse and the Knife in the Darkness enhancement).
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Makes an ogre look pretty
Makes an ogre look pretty

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PostSubject: Re: For shulaya? Morwenial   Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:38 pm

Just noticed the post, will have proper read when home from work and not half asleep. Will be playing Thursday although will hafe to bail at 11 due to being up for work at 5am :-s
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PostSubject: Re: For shulaya? Morwenial   

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For shulaya? Morwenial
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