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 Rogue Hotbar, coin lord favour, hair colour and a moan about skype audio

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The Missing Link
The Missing Link

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PostSubject: Rogue Hotbar, coin lord favour, hair colour and a moan about skype audio   Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:18 am


Above is a rogue hotbar. Its easier at 1st to just have all googles. Wear spot then just click on the goggles next to search/disable/open-lock icon as needed. Easy peasy :-). You could put hide/move-silent/inv items next to sneak. In the future we'll find rogue items that can be worn permanent like

Looks like everyone have been getting characters to the lev 16 range. Sam has bought Shadowfell. we've done the 1st too free quests. The last one Shadow of a doubt is worth repeating for the,
hopefully i'll catch Sam online and run it before thurs.

Alivef is ready to take lev 16, i don't like the morninglord cleric(seems not many others do either) and you know how much i like my HOT drow(perhaps a little too much as i think what new hair colour to have today hmm red or silver, maybe i'll treat her to gianthold midnight purple).

Anyone need Coin Lord backpack space favour?
If so try and get on for an hour in the evening before thursday and we'll run some.
If anyone posts a time and night i'll be there.

SKYPE, There's too much background noise esp tv. We've blamed eachother and i had to adjust things but sorry Craig your tv BOOMS sometimes it really does sound like someones flushed a toilet in me ear'hole :-). Its ok most of the time so maybe a bit of audio tweaking can sort it out. TBH Pete had the same problem and got a headset, i know your missis has a laugh listening in, maybe a seperate mic may be needed cure it but try tweaking audio 1st . Sorry to moan but its too LOUD lol.

Look forward too finding out what the Shar are upto in Wheloon Pirson.
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PostSubject: Skype alternative   Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:10 am

Have you tried ?

We are attempting to ease back into the game after a couple years of technical difficulties, moving, settling in, etc. There seems to have been quite a few changes. Still haven't played MotU or levelled very high. We'll try to start showing up for Thurs runs again.
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Rogue Hotbar, coin lord favour, hair colour and a moan about skype audio
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