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 Storm Horns wilderness area

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The Missing Link
The Missing Link

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PostSubject: Storm Horns wilderness area   Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:44 am

4 of us went into the new area last night. It's REALLY good. The monsters have a 'swarm' tactic/ai. When in 1-3's they were a pushover BUT when there's 4+ or 2 mobs join together things change, it suddenly becomes a deadly encounter. We found not 1 but 2 dragons. The ENORMOUS white dragon bugged out or it had improved inv, we just kept getting wing buffeted. Or maybe tail slapped(Oh i remember the day my old pnp group foolishly climbed down a cave pipe/chimney in the ruins of Myth Drannor after seeing a small dragon fly out and away from it. Only to discover mummy who killed 3 of them with its 1st attack an awesome tail slap. One of the rare moments as DM i held no punches. Luckily(amazingly) the cleric did'nt die, the wizard's(on minus hp) contingency magic transported him to a safe place, and was back to the fight in 3 rounds(not knowing what was happening as he was sent out of earshot when he died). How the hell they managed to kill it finally is a blur that was spoken about for years and i'm sure if i met them now it would be one of the things we talked about.
Anyway back to the storm horns, The Red Dragon we discovered was awesome esp when it took flight about about 1 mile above us.
But i digress.
But we'll be back to Wheloon prison on thurs. The SHAR must be stopped from spreading the shadow across Comyr. Dedryk Black has escaped again. Ordinary folk(non criminals) were locked up in there(the King of Comyr has allways made dodgy decisions in my book). We've(i think all of us) contacted one such group in a sewer system and so opened up a means of their escape.
What is it with those floating bluish/grey orbs. Also is it The Shadar Kai, who are causing the plane of shadow to manifest, watch out for their chain attack as it can kill as i've found out very quickly.

Personally i prefer forgotten realms content(Motu) probably because i dm'ed pnp there. I also find it more d+d.
If like me, you like reading the quest story/plot lines. May i suggest that you go read them before thurs. But as allways i'll do my bit and fill you in with whats happening.
Also we only play for a few hours once a week, spend some time beforehand stocking up on spell components/potions/scrolls/rogue tools. Esp some healing items as from a healer point of view i don't have limitless sp so you should all heal yourselves when NOT in combat :-). I dread to think how much i spend on heal scrolls(about 15,000 plat for 100 which can go in a night and don't even mention ressurection scrolls at ~1,200 plat each). I'm being light-hearted not serious. I can afford to pay to try and keep you all Alive :-).
There are potions etc in guild chest please have a look and take what you want.
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Makes an ogre look pretty
Makes an ogre look pretty

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PostSubject: Re: Storm Horns wilderness area   Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:16 pm

Just remember your aura and you will be fine ;-)
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Storm Horns wilderness area
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