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 New content patch 4

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PostSubject: New content patch 4   Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:07 am

New Adventure Packs


In this new series of swashbuckling adventures from DDO, join the Sentinels as they seek to defeat the pirate scourge. But don’t think you’re safe once the seas are clear: the skies themselves will rain scurvy death—and scurvy undead. Because when this pillaging pirate captain runs short of troops, he just brings back the ones you’ve already disposed of. Pirates—and zombies? How could it get any better?

* Cut the pirate lair off the map in a daring assault!
* Close down the booty business at the Pirate Mart
* Zombie Pirates! Board their black ship to cut them off at the source!
* Root stinking pirate spies out of the House of Deneith!
* Will you defeat Captain Tew and discover the infamous pirate leader's ultimate secret?

Maybe we could do this as a group. Hold of doing it till thursday and totaly new to all. What do you think. Ag could pick next week. New content WOO HOO.
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New content patch 4
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