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 DDO is down for an update so i'll have a chunter instead

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PostSubject: DDO is down for an update so i'll have a chunter instead   Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:14 am

Lets start with some hints and tips.

Gudby Sorrel in Lordsmarch Plaza sells Greater healing potions (50 hp + 10-20 hp every 2 secs over 10 secs) for 2 Swaying Mushroom Pods a piece.

What sells on the AH
Named items from FR content sell well. both heroic and epic. Also anything EPIC ELITE-i wish lol
Scepters/staves with +spell power magic. These need to match so a fire lore-imp-crit of +combustion may sell. An ice+acid item will most likely not. Weapons with these powers, that are actually used for fighting e.g. swords is a niche market. It's not much use having +spell power greatsword when you're trying to hack a monster to death, with it lol.
Items with augment slots esp if they have 2. But they cannot be searched for on ah so may take time to sell. OR as these items are often used/sort-after by crafter's. Go to crafting hall buy some Dust of Disjunction and remove the magical effects so you're left with a blank item with an augment slot/s. That item which you may get 2000pp form a barman can sell for 20,000 on AH. NOTE blue/green slots are worth the most. Colourless and yellow slots less so.
Greater essence's 300+pp each.
Collectables, most are worth nothing. But the list below are, prices are approx where i know them
Deadly Feverblanch. 1000pp each
Fragrant Drowshood. best to do a quick search for prices I recently sold a batch of 9 and got cash in hand off ah 310,000pp
Funerary Token.
Lightning-Split Soarwood. best to check prices very rare to find
Luminescent Dust.
Silver Flame Hymnal. got a feeling these are 10,000pp each
Sparkling Dust.
Tome: Prophecy of Khyber.
Vial of Pure Water.
Small/Medium/Large Eberron Dragonshard Fragment. Esp in batch's of 3 . IMPORTANT check out link below BEFORE selling any, you may wnat to keep them.

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DDO is down for an update so i'll have a chunter instead
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