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 pale master for beginer by meliahna

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Wandered in off the street
Wandered in off the street

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PostSubject: pale master for beginer by meliahna   Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:59 am

Hi everyone i was thinking it was a good thing to make you see how it's good to be half dead !
If you always said " if i was to become an undead i prefere to be dead than that!" but you know my living friend it's good to be dead!! it's really fun so i choose to explain you how funny it is ( if you forget the smell)! In the next lines i will explain you everything and someday you will be like me an happy half-undead!

The "pale master" is a wizard speciality " class" i will call it " prestige class" for now!

First thing first the pale master have 3 " speciality" i will explain for now

first look at the " basic" skill "dark reaping" it's a skill that give you 0.75 points of universal spell power and an aditional 0.75 points in negative energy spell power ( that give you 1.50 point in negative energy SP) for each AP put in the tree, in short for each point you upgrade your "power" to kill "living things")

so now you have see that i will explain you one of the most important speciality the "shroud" speciality

The Shroud is the ability a pale master use to transform himself in " half-undead" when you shroud yourself in any undead form you will get NO heal for positive energy ( but don't be damaged by it) and you will be weak to light atack but you will be an " undead" gaining the "ability" all undead have like be healed by negative energy ( and you can cast negative energy spell so you can heal yourself (the most usefull is the "death aura" type spell who give you HoT (and same for your sumoned undeads) with every " living" enemy nearby will take this as a DoT)!

There is 4 undead shroud
The zombie have a strong defense you get +2 to str and cons -2 to int and -4 to char a damage reduction of 5/slashing imunity to critical hit a lightly beter unarmed damage but slower but you take doubled light damage!

Vampire are good in "enchantment" spell and can drain 1 level on vorpal hit you get +2 to str and cha +2 dc to enchantment school spell you generate 25% less thread
but take triple light damage and are imune to critical

Wraith are incorporal and you are half wraith so you get 25% chance to be missed you float so you get featherfall, are a silently ghost ( you get +20 to move silently and balance) every of your atack have " ghost touch" effect and on critical melee hit you do 1d6 constitution damage!
After like before you get imunity to critical hit and take double light damage

The lich is the king of undead and only a very powerfull pale- master can shroud like a lich! The lich form is the master form for every negative energy  and necromantic wizard want to reach!
The lich pale master get +4 cons and +2 in int, wis and cha! the lich form give too +1 to necromancy dc, when you get hit you can get ocasionaly some temporary Hp, on melee hit you do 2 to 9 negative energy damage to living targets ans like always imunity to critical hits and double light damage!

linked to the shroud power there is other powers!
If you master the art of pale master every shroud will give you +2 int and 5% beter healing with negative energy

the negative energy conduit will make you more vulnerable to negative energy in human form but  give you beter healing for negative energy with an active shroud!

the bone armor will give you more defence in diferent way for each shroud!

The improved shrouding will upgrade every shroud in diferent ways

The deadless vigor will give you more HP in shroud or not!

The clock of night when activated give you beter defence for positive energy, negative energy and repair power but be cautionous if your defence is beter you will to get less heal for the energy used to heal you... chose yourself to activate it or not!

And one little cute thing too there is a lovely skill called " animate ally" the lovely power can resurrect a friend in the shroud of zombie your cute little friend who became a zombie like every undead can't be healed with positive energy but don't worry keep this cute thing near you and you can heal it with your lovely death aura!
But there is maybe one very small problem he will rot and that will make him more powerfull but...with time... he will fall again in the warm cold of death...poor little puppy!

Ok for now i stop here and when i get a little more time i will tell you the story on how to have a cool and cute little pupy called "skeleton knight" and how to feed him well!

See you my cutes living friends
and one day you will come with me in the fun of death!

You lovely necromancer Melianha.
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pale master for beginer by meliahna
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