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 U22 Guild Airship Changes

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PostSubject: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Mon May 19, 2014 9:23 am

Here's a thread about the upcoming changes that has a good breakdown:

Quote :
Update 22, which should go live sometime in mid/late June, will bring an overhaul to guild airships. This thread is to figure out how we want to set up our ship under the new system.

Notable changes:

There's a single "buff bar" on the top level of the ship that gives you (and your pet) all active ship buffs in a single interaction.
Ship buff timers last 3-6 hours depending on guild level
Ship buffs persist through death
Many (most?) ship buffs give scaled effects, with three different values based on your character's level:
Level 1 to 10
Level 11 to 20
Level 21+
Energy resistance (acid/cold/electricity/fire/sonic) drops from a flat 30 to 5/10/15, and now stacks with the resist energy spell.
Instead of extending ship buffs each month, once you buy a ship buff it's permanently available to the guild, even if we upgrade to a new ship. Officers are able to freely switch around any buffs we've purchased.
There is a separate legacy area on the ship where we can continue to place the old-style ship buffs, but it is doubtful we will be able to buy more of them. (Maybe stock up now on mules?)

I'm assuming that because the ship buffs only need to be purchased once, they will be extremely expensive. So we'll make a plan for what we ideally want, and then may need to save up to buy them all.

Our Stormglory Typhoon will have the following hookpoints when U22 goes live:

13 small (new style)
3 large (new style)
10 crew, 14 small, 6 large (old style)

Energy Shrines

Energy shrines give resistance, absorption and spell power all in one. Plus, each individual energy shrine covers two energy types. (Fire & Light, Acid & Cold, Sonic & Electricity.) Based on our guild level there are two different tiers available to us:

Tier II: +5/10/15 energy resistance, +5/10/15 spell power, +?/?/5% absorption
Tier III: +5/10/15 energy resistance, +5/10/15 spell power, +?/?/10% absorption (fire & light only)

We just recently hit guild level 88. I'm assuming that when U22 goes live (in around a month) we'll be at least level 90, but not yet 95. Here's the buffs available to a level 90 guild:

(Note that all bonuses were checked on a 21+ level character, so some of the bonuses may be lesser for heroic characters.)

Small Hookpoints (34 total, we can have any 13)

Arcane Sanctum (+1 saves vs. Enchantments, +25 Spell Points and +1 Spell Penetration)
Archery Range/Seasoned Archer (+2% Doubleshot)
Archwizard (+1 to all spell DCs)
Armory (+?/?/6 AC and +?/?/15% Fortification)
Banquet Hall (Heals ???? spell and hit points for 1 minute)
Bash the Breakable's Cargo Bay (+1 treasure level from chests)
Black Abbot's Shadow (+1 Turn Undead, Lay on Hands and Smite Evil. +4 AC (deflection) and +1 to saves vs Evil (enhancement) that doesn't stack with Protection from Evil)
Chronoscope (+3 Reflex saves, +40% movement speed while in public areas, doesn't stack with Pendant of Time)
Concert Hall (+1 saves vs. enchantments, +1 Bard Song and Action Boost per day)
Crusader's Chapel (+?/?/15 devotion and nullification)
Danger Room (+?/?/3 Disable Device, Hide, Open Lock, Search and Spot
Farshifter's Chambers (Teleporter with included Hall of Heroes teleport)
Fencing Master (+2% maximum dodge and +2 max dex bonus to armor)
Floating Rock Garden (+2 Strength and +2 Wisdom)
Forbidden Library (+?/?/3 Concentration, Heal, Repair, Spellcraft and Use Magic Device)
Game Hunter (+3 Fortitude saves and +5% damage to helpless enemies)
Grandmaster's Dojo (+2 Will Saves)
Guild Vault III (Guild and Officer Chests)
Hag's Apothecary (+20 hit points, +1 saves vs. poison and disease)
Ninja Assassin: (+0.25[W] and +6 to-hit when flanking)
Old Sully's Grog Cellar (+2 Charisma and +2 Constitution)
Orien Express (Mailbox, Auction House and Bank)
Otto's Irresistable Dance Hall (+?/?/3 Balance, Jump, Move Silently, Perform, Swim and Tumble)
Paradoxical Puzzle Box (+2 Dexterity and +2 Intelligence)
Sellsword's Tavern (Your Hirelings gain +3 to all ability scores)
Sign of the Silver Flame III (Fire + Light)
Shrine of Experience V (+5% xp)
Shrine of the Devourer II (Acid + Cold)
Stormreaver Memorial II (Electricity + Sonic)
Tactical Training Room (+2 to-hit, +?/?/6 damage on critical hits, +1 DC to Trip, Sunder and Slicing Blow)
Three Finger Thad's (General Vendor)
Throne Room (+?/?/3 Bluff, Diplomacy, Haggle, Intidimidate and Listen)
Trapsmith's Workshop (+5% Fortification bypass)
Wild Grove (+2 Wild Empathy per rest and +3 to all ability scores for summoned/charmed creatures)

Large Hookpoints (6 total, we can have any 3)

Bathhouse (+10% healing amp, unconsciousness extends by +15 hitpoints and receive 10% less damage while helpless)
Cannith Crafting Hall (All five crafting stations plus crafting vendor)
Collegium of the Twelve (Wild Grove, Crusader's Chapel, Arcane Sanctum and Trapsmith's Workshop)
Grand Reliquary II (All energy shrines, Tier II (Fire+Light, Acid+Cold, Electricity+Sonic)
Greensteel Crafting Room (All four shroud altars, including the base item one from meridia)
Proving Ground (Grandmaster's Dojo, Armory, Archery Range and Tactical Training Room

Here's the physical layout of the hookpoints on the new ship:

Top Floor: Unable to see any hookpoints.
First Floor: 8 Small & 2 Large Hookpoint.
Second Floor: 5 Small & 1 Large Hookpoint.
Cargo Hold: 10 Crew, 14 Small & 6 Large Hookpoints. (Legacy Shipbuffs only)

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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:05 pm

The DDO Game Servers will be brought down on Wednesday, June 11th from 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) to launch Update 22: Pirates of the Thunder Sea. Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon!
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:37 am

Swashbuckling enhancement line for bards? Hmm...
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:38 pm

It is live now! Anyone have a couple thousand astral shards an a few million plat to buy the new stuff?

Might want to get on early tomorrow or today and preview the new stuff before we run, if we're still on for it.
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:49 pm

Okay, I've seen the new airship. It's massive! First lower deck is where the new amenities go; cargo hold is where all our old stuff is. The big button on the main deck grants you all the buffs from the lower deck but not the cargo hold - so for now you'll still have to run round like before, but they're closer together so it's still faster.

Our airship gets 8 new Hold Room hookpoints and 2 State Room hookpoints. Yep, the hookpoints are entire rooms now! I've splashed out on an Arcane Sanctum Hold Room (125k plat!) to see what they're like. For that you get bonus to saves versus enchantments, bonus to spell points, and +1 to spell penetration. Also, a vendor that sells potions, spell components, inscription materials, and related stuff.

Not many hookpoints, and quite a lot of rooms to choose from, so we're going to have to work out between us which ones we go for. The first mate will accept donations into a ship fund, from which officers can draw to buy amenities. Costs are a mixture of platinum and astral shards. Most of the Hold Rooms are in the range of 120k platinum pieces, which seems cheap for a permanent fixture. But some rooms can be upgraded apparently, so the cost rises with each tier. (So I'm told.)

See (about half way down) for a list of the amenities.

- The old 6 stat shrines appear to be replaced by 3 rooms. That seems like quite a lot of space taken up to me.
- The Danger Room gives up to +3 to rogue skills. Sounds good to me, but it scales with level and uses astral shards.
- Some rooms like the XP shrine are upgradeable. You pay a fee for the level 1 room, then upgrade it one level at a time, with the cost rising each time. So maxing it out is pretty expensive.
- I'm seeing 2 State Room hookpoints, but wiki says there should only be 1. It might be they are two access points for the same room or something, so we might actually be limited to 1 state room, I don't know.
- Some of the state rooms give you the features of several Hold Rooms bundled together. If you want more than one of the set, might free up some hookpoints by going for the stateroom instead.
- The interesting state rooms look like Collegium of the Twelve and Grand Reliquary. Those would be my personal picks.
- Once you've bought a room it becomes part of the ship's inventory, and you can swap rooms in and out as you feel like it (so long as you're an officer). So even though we can only have 8 Hold Rooms active, we can buy the others and stick them in storage if we want. Rooms like green steel crafting we could just keep in storage and swap them in only when we want to make something.
- If you collect buffs from a room, when you swap it out you keep the buff. So if you were very patient you might be able to collect more buffs than you're normally allowed.
- Not only do the new buffs last for hours and not disappear if you die, but they also pause in public areas too!

Available at our level are:

Archery Range: doubleshot buff + ammo vendor
Archwizard: spell dc buff + inscribe scrolls (eh?) + spell component vendor
Armory: ac and fort buffs
Banquet Hall: spirit binder and hp/sp regen over 1m30 [75 astral shards!]
Bash the Breakables Cargo Bay: +1 to loot level buff
Black Abbot's Shadow: buff against evil, plus extra turn undeads, lay on hands and smite evil
Chronoscope: buff for reflex save, and run speed boost in public areas (like warp time trinket)
Concert Hall: extra bard songs and action boosts per rest, and boost to save-vs-enchant
Crusader's Chapel: bonus to pos and neg spell power.
Danger Room: buffs for disable device, hide, open lock, search and spot (180 shards!)
Farshifter's Chambers: teleports you to various locations, plus a Stormreach Teleporter (90 shards!)
Fencing Master: buffs to max dodge and max dex bonus to armour
Floating Rock Garden: buff for STR and WIS
Forbidden Library: buff to concentration, heal, repair, spellcraft and umd (+3 max) (195 shards - seems very pricey!)
Game Hunter: up to +3 to fort saves and +5% damage to helpless enemies
Grandmaster's Dojo: +2 will save, and bonus to stunning, sap and hamstring
Hag Apothecary: buff for up to +20hp and +1 fort saves vs poison and disease
Ninja Assassin: buff gives +0.25(W) damage and +6 to-hit when flanking
Old Sully's Grog Cellar: +2 CON and CHA
Otto's Irresistable Dancehall: +1 to +3 balance, and +3 jump, move silently, perform, swim and tumble
Paradoxical Puzzle Box: +2 DEX, +2 INT
Sellswords' Tavern: hireling vendors, bartender, boosts to hireling stats
Shrine of XP (upgradeable): %age xp buff (95 shards for first tier. About 1510 shards in total for a 5% buff)
Shrine to the Devourer (upgradeable): cold/acid stuff - see Grand Reliquary below
Sign of the Silver Flame (upgradeable): fire/light stuff - see Grand Reliquary
Stormreaver Memorial (upgradeable): lightning/sonic stuff - see Grand Reliquary
Tactical Training Room: +2 to +6 critical hit damage (before multiplier), +2 attack bonus for physical damage, and +1 trip, sunder and slicing bonus
The Orien Express (60 shards): auction, bank, mailbox
Three Finger Thad's: general vendor and pawn brokers
Throne Room (180 shards): +1 to +3 bluff, diplomacy, haggle, intimidate, listen
Trapsmith's Workshop: +5% fortification bypass and a trapsmith vendor
Wild Grove: 2 extra wild empathy uses, +3 to abilities for summoned creatures

State Rooms (max 2 or maybe just 1)

Bath House: buff for healing amp, reduces damage while unconscious and extends the unconscious->dead hp range.
Cannith Crafting Hall (125 shards): all the cannith crafting vendors and workstations
Collegium of the Twelve: everything from Arcane Sanctum, Trapsmith's Workshop, Wild Grove and Crusader's Chapel in one room.
Grand Reliquary (upgradeable) (180 shards for tier 1): apparently gives 5%/10%/15% to elemental resists and spell power, and upgrades add elemental absorption
Green Steel Crafting Hall: greensteel crafting stations
Proving Ground: everything from Tactical Training Room, Archery Range, Armory and Grandmaster's Dojo in one room.
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:08 pm

Shalaaana just pointed out that the astral-shard airships appear to have min-guild-level of 0 now. So we could possibly upgrade the ship. Pricey though. 30 shards cost the same as a spirit cake. Might find a few loose ones from your monster manual.
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:04 pm

I can confirm that we have *2* state room hookpoints. And I've just died on the airship - I'll leave it to you to discover how!

Regarding rooms, we could focus on buffs, or convenience, or a split between the two. Here's one setup that tickled my fancy:

- The Orien Express
- Chronoscope
- Sellswords' Tavern
- Floating Rock Garden
- Paradoxical Puzzle Box
- Old Sully's Grog Cellar
- Danger Room
- Shrine of Experience
- Banquet Hall
- Collegium of the Twelve (ie. Wild Grove, Crusader's Chapel, Arcane Sanctum, Trapsmith's Workshop)
- Proving Ground (ie. Grandmaster's Dojo, Armory, Archery Range, Tactical Training Room)

(with a room dedicated as a Utility Room - normally Orien, but when you want a hireling just turn it into Sellswords, buy a hireling, pick up the hireling buff, then turn it back into a bank).

This would give:
- +2 to all ability scores (which implies +1 to skills, saves, attacks, melee damage, spell dcs and slightly more hp and sp)
- +3 to rogue skills (with another +1 from the ability score buff above for +4 total)
- +1 to +3 reflex saves (and +1 from ability scores)
- +1 saves vs enchantment
- +25 sp
- +1 spell pen
- +2% doubleshot
- +2 to +6 ac and 5%-15% fortification
- +5 to +15 to devotion and nullification (pos+neg spell power)
- +2 will saves
- +2 to hit
- +1 to trip, sunder and slicing blow
- +2..+6 to critical damage before multiplier
- 1% to 5% xp boost
- +5% fortification bypass
- 2 extra wild empathy uses per rest
- +3 to ability scores for summoned and charmed creatures
- permo-Warp-Time (or close enough) outside quests - yes!  cheers 
- ability to bind on the ship, and regen sp and hp in the same room
- guy to repair your gear
- mailbox
- auction
- bank
- all hireling vendors, plus +3 buff to hireling stats
- Ammunition vendor (including house D ammo)
- Trapmaker vendor (including +4 thief tools)
- Arcane and divine component/potion vendors

 bounce But what would you guys prefer?
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:05 pm

healing amp and +1 loot?

The tavern, bank etc are all easy stops from ship anyway, don't really see an urgent need for them on ship. Convenient, sure... but lower priority, I would think. Bind in House P and hit the Harbor when needed, and you've got all that already for free.

It's a good plan, though. As long as we have most of the good buffs, it will be good.
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:32 pm

Don't see much point in wasting a whole room on +1 loot. Is there healing amp except for the Bath House? It's the lamest of the state rooms.
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PostSubject: Re: U22 Guild Airship Changes   

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U22 Guild Airship Changes
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