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 Airship Guide - start here

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PostSubject: Airship Guide - start here   Fri Jun 20, 2014 7:20 am

Once a room has been purchased, it becomes a permanent part of the guild's inventory; officers can move rooms to and from storage whenever they feel like it. Each of the two lower decks has hookpoints for 8 Hold Rooms and 2 State Rooms. Some of the Hold Room slots have yet to be filled.

Officers can either buy a room outright with their own gold/shards, or you can tap into shared guild funds. All guild members can donate to the guild coffers at the airship showroom in the harbour.

The top deck contains the captain and the big button that grants all new-style buffs. These are not removed on death and most last for 4 hours (timer pauses in public areas). In addition to in-quest effects, the button grants:
- Fast hp and sp regen. Will recharge your sp and hp to full in a few seconds; expires after 1min30. Useful when you die! (Doesn't recharge ki.)
- Warp Time run speed in all public areas.

The Cargo Bay contains all the old-style buffs. Some of these (such as the elemental resistance shrines) will stack with the new ones. However, they will be removed from the game completely sometime in the near future. These buffs are NOT granted by the Big Friendly Button - you'll need to go down to the Cargo Bay and run round like you used to do.

I've divided up the First and Second Lower Decks so that all rooms with interactive features (such as vendors) are all together on First Lower, and rooms that just grant buffs are on Second Lower.

Features currently available on First Lower Deck are:
- Spirit Binder (currently broken - binds you to Rusty Nail instead!)
- Bartender (partially broken - can't swap spells)
- Hireling vendors for lvl 4 to epic.
- Auctioneer
- Bank
- Mailbox
- Arcane and Divine component vendors
- Ammunition and House D ammo vendors
- Thief supplies (up to +4 Thief Tools)
- Repair man (half-price repairs!)
- Farshifter (Meridia, etc)
- Stormreach Transporter (house and eveningstar access)
- Danger Room - exploding barrels contain gems, gold etc (apparently)

Do NOT buy any of the following rooms - their features are already covered by our existing state rooms so you'll just be throwing your money away:

- Arcane Sanctum
- Archery Range
- Armory
- Crusader's Chapel
- Grandmaster's Dojo
- Shrine to the Devourer
- Sign of the Silver Flame
- Stormreaver Memorial
- Tactical Training Room
- Trapsmith's Workshop
- Wild Grove

Rooms we do not have (in descending order of my personal preference). Prices are either platinum or shards:
- Fencing Master (215k)
- Black Abbot's Shadow (165k)
- Otto's Irresistable Dancehall (180 shards)
- Concert Hall (190k)
- Game Hunter (210k)
- Throne Room (180 shards)
- Green Steel Crafting Hall (state room) (200k)
- Cannith Crafting Hall (state room) (125 shards)
- Guild Vault (not available right now)

Some rooms are upgradeable, but the highest level is limited by guild level. For us, our current maximum is:
- Shrine of Experience V
- Guild Vault II
- Grand Reliquary I

Our xp shrine is currently level 1 (1% bonus). It costs shards to upgrade.
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PostSubject: Re: Airship Guide - start here   Sun May 31, 2015 5:53 pm


We now have all the rooms that are not duplicates of other rooms we already have. However, on the do-not-buy list were the elemental-resistance rooms. There is one case where you would want to buy these even though they are all duplicated by the reliquary: they can be upgraded at much lower guild level than the reliquary (and it's +5% extra absorption with each upgrade). eg. for level 3 (10%), fire is gl90, acid/cold is gl95, sonic/elec is gl110, but reliquary (giving all 3) is gl120.
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PostSubject: Re: Airship Guide - start here   Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:21 am

Floor 1
  • WNW Three Finger Thad's
  • ENW Orien Express
  • W Proving Ground
  • WSW Sellsword's Tavern
  • ESW Farshifter's Chamber
  • WNE Arcane Sanctum
  • ENE Banquet Hall
  • E Collegium of the Twelve
  • WSE Armory
  • ESE Guild Vault

Floor 2
  • WNW Ninja Assassin
  • ENW Hag Apothecary
  • W Grand Reliquary
  • WSW Floating Rock Garden
  • ESW Bash the Breakables Cargo Bay
  • WNE Old Sully's Grog Cellar
  • ENE Paradoxical Puzzle Box
  • E Bath House
  • WSE Shrine of Experience
  • ESE Chronoscope

Floor 3
  • NW Black Abbot's Shadow
  • W Green Steel Crafting Hall
  • SW Archwizard
  • WNE Otto's Irresistable Dance Hall
  • ENE Concert Hall
  • E Cannith Crafting Hall
  • WSE Game hunter
  • ESE Danger Room

Floor 4
  • NW Fencing Master
  • SW Sign of the Silver Flame
  • NE Forbidden Library
  • E (Empty)
  • SE Throne Room



  1.    Proving Ground
  2.    Collegium of the Twelve
  3.    Grand Reliquary
  4.    Bath House
  5.    Green Steel Crafting Hall
  6.    Cannith Crafting Hall
  7.    (Empty)

Hold Rooms

  1.    Sellsword's Tavern
  2.    Farshifter's Chamber
  3.    Armory
  4.    Guild Vault
  5.    Three Finger Thad's
  6.    Orien Express
  7.    Arcane Sanctum
  8.    Banquet Hall
  9.    Floating Rock Garden
  10.    Bash the Breakables Cargo Bay
  11.    Shrine of Experience
  12.    Chronoscope
  13.    Ninja Assassin
  14.    Hag Apothecary
  15.    Old Sully's Grog Cellar
  16.    Paradoxical Puzzle Box
  17.    Archwizard
  18.    Game Hunter
  19.    Danger Room
  20.    Black Abbot's Shadow
  21.    Otto's Irresistable Dance Hall
  22.    Concert Hall
  23.    Sign of the Silver Flame
  24.    Throne Room
  25.    Fencing Master
  26.    Forbidden Library
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PostSubject: Re: Airship Guide - start here   

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Airship Guide - start here
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