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 Warlock eldritch blast

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Warlock eldritch blast Empty
PostSubject: Warlock eldritch blast   Warlock eldritch blast EmptyThu Jul 16, 2015 4:37 am

Something people seem to keep overlooking is the fact that e-blast is comprised of 2 separate damage components: your base damage (which defaults to force) and your pact damage (which is fire/sonic/acid, depending on your pact). Your pact can be toggled off if you don't want the pact damage (eg. if you are fiend and fighting a monster that is healed by fire). Your base damage can only be disabled by turning off your e-blast and switching to ordinary weapons.

e-blast damage is boosted by spellpower and spell critical, and this is true of both components of your damage. So, if your pact is Great Old One, then be sure to get items with Corrosion and Acid Lore, to boost your pact damage. But don't forget that Impulse and Kinetic Lore will boost your base damage (force) as well, so take both. And scepters give an implement bonus to universal spell power, so that will help too. (House C crafting can give you a pair of scepters to dual-wield.)

Anyway, point I'm coming to is that you can take enhancements which (when toggled on) will change your base damage type to something else. Currently the only options are:
  • Force (default). Boosted by force spellpower/lore. Usually no damage resistance.
  • Evil. Few things have any resistance to this damage type. Boosted by alignment/light spellpower. This goes well with the chaotic damage from Soul Eater and light damage from Enlightened Spirit.
  • Pierce. No mention of what (if any) spellpower boosts this; probably force or nothing.

I don't know enough to be able to pick for the end-game, but I've found a discussion on the subject here which might help:

Also, as I've mentioned elsewhere, there are 3 items from House C challenges that boost spellpower and criticals and are not sceptres, which are an interesting option, especially if you're going to use your aura instead and melee.
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Warlock eldritch blast
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