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 Gear Planner Spreadsheet

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PostSubject: Gear Planner Spreadsheet   Gear Planner Spreadsheet EmptyWed Aug 05, 2015 2:38 pm

Quote :
Hello everyone! I've been working on this for the last few months, inputting all of the named items in ddo into a spreadsheet. I imagine, like myself, there are people out there who just enjoy making gear sets for their characters or their friends. Myself, I am more of a visual person and would like to see everything laid out in front of me. This is a pretty simple sheet that, by using dropdown menus, you can search through all of ddo's availiable gear for that gear slot. Augments can be chosen in the dropdowns below the item's effects, and should the currently selected item have the corresponding augment type, the chosen augment will be shown in the gear's effect list.

However, this currently is not complete. I have not gotten around to putting in all crafting, things like: Thunder-forged, Temple of Elemental Evil, Cannith Crafting, etc. The same goes for randomly generated gear. I need to input all possible prefixes and suffixes, so it will take some time.

Currently, I use this in Google Sheets, in which it was made, so that I can share the link and access it with any computer with an internet connection. I opened it in Libre Office, and other than some visual lines missing and not being able to type in your item instead of using the dropdown it works just the same.

This is how it looks when using Google Sheets:
Gear Planner Spreadsheet 28j8t4m

I have had someone experiencing their browser crashing every time they tried to change the gear piece on Google Sheets. If this occurs, I'd suggest downloading it and opening the file with a spreadsheet program.

It can be Viewed/Downloaded on my Google Sheets drive here:

Or, if you do not feel comfortable accessing it through goggle, it can be downloaded here at my dropbox (if you still wish to have it on your google sheets drive, you can download it and then upload it to your own):

If anyone does choose to use this, I hope it helps!

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Gear Planner Spreadsheet
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