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 U7, the latest

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PostSubject: U7, the latest   Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:50 am

Half Orcs
Look pretty brute with tusks and a wide range of facial features. They are quite tall and pretty stocky, kind of the superman big torso look. They have +2 str and -2 Int/Cha. They get attack/damage lines for two handed weapons, a threat enhancement line, a line for power ups at half or lower health, Strength enhancement (of course). THF barbs and fighters seem to be their specialty but there are plenty of possible builds. Purchase or VIP only, probably no unlock.

Half Elves
Wow, going to be a blockbuster race I think. They look cool, totally new and very attractive skins. Many facial feature options. Lots of enhancement options... can go elf dex or human adaptability for instance. They have human like flat stats. They get a second set of social (intim/diplo/bluff) triggers for second chance intim and the like, very nice for intim tanks. Elf enhancements without the -2 con... good stuff! They are working on a way for them to get another class enhanement of choice, could be awesome. Purchase or VIP only, probably no unlock.

New UI
Looks good and has good future growth potential. Inventory has nice tabbed by category view and a mark for sale feature to let you one button broker if you like. Also an inventory search field. Easier to use weapon set bar (two rows rather than scrolling.) More mouse over info, you can click on helmet portrait to show or hide helm, lots of little tweaks like that.

Auction Search
You can now search on text terms, partial or full matches. Multi page lists now filter through the whole list... so if you sort by price, all the low stuff is on the first page and the high stuff on the last page. Its time for serious shopping! You can also search all items with text search, so all vorpals regardless of weapon type, that sort of thing. Or you can text search only on a given category if you like.

New free pack
New adventure Pack level 12 from new hub zone Lords March off the harbor, hangout for the coin lords apparently. (Correction: this pack is free to all players!) They plan to add more quests on the hub later. Delera's hub is also opening (more later) not sure on others but seems a trend on the non quest hubs. Quests include newly skinned Ogres, Gnolls, 1/2 Orcs, Orcs, Siege Weapons and a nasty Medusa Boss. The story is partly introducing 1/2 orcs and how they fit into stormreach. Gets into history of the monster empire and such. No epic on this.

New plane of night in game event
Its a limited time event (although will come back from time to time). It takes place in Delera's Graveyard and is indicated by the sky going dark (in house J if not beyond). It has two parts, a kind of open combat with lots/unlimited players in the graveyard. Monsters spawn up but do not agro so if you want to just go to your quest you don't get ganked. If you agro them its fight time. They spawn out appropriate to your level but watch out if you tackle other peoples spawns, could get ugly. A server unlock will open stage 2 which is a very challenging boss fight for larger than raid group numbers of characters. They wanted to keep the details on this as a surprise but the idea is a big epic fight with many many characters participating. Its all FTP. Deals with the Mabar festival and the plane of night so expect this around Oct 30th for obvious reasons.

Exclusive: A new and very different crafting system will be associated with the event. Not the usual crafting station UI or system apparently.

Part of the idea of the goal there is to try some new system ideas and play experiences with automated interactive story events and of course the mass shared combat space.

New Raid
New Level 6 raid (with epic version) from the marketplace, travel back in time to alternate stormreach history during devil invasion. Many old stormreach locations under demon management. Multiple encounter areas and such, pretty cool looking. This is a full quest rather than a one or two room type raid and has various optionals and such. Its part of the devils assault pack so if you own it, you get this free. If not devils assault will go back on sale when it comes out. Traditional difficulty levels, not like the devil assault ones. Mostly demons and such, some of the demons first introduced plus a super aboshi boss fight that really looked pretty cool. Could be a classic quest, well see. Has level 6 raid loot that upgrades to epic. Has a 3 day timer. Basically is a training raid both in rewards, style and tactics. Story ties into the old market entertainer and lets new players witness the marketplace event. There is no flagging for this raid.

More stuff
Refinements like guild size only based on "active" members rather than all in roster.
2nd tier for bard prestige enhancements and possible tune up for level 1
re-work on Shintao Monk
2 tier enhancement for Archmage (wizard).
VIP/Vets (forget which) can now open quests on elite from the get go

Non Update 7 stuff
Pax weekend sale was best sale day ever on DDOstore
"Thousands" of new players sign up to try DDO every day. (more than 2 million new accounts since launch)
News spells possibly update 8, more likely in update 9
Dev's committed to more high level, lots of it in the pipeline now. Many expressed they personally wanted more in game for their own play as well so they hear the concern loud and clear and intend to address it.
Considering opening epic to lower level characters but have not made a decision, concerned about XP considerations and such and also newer player experience.
Recognize that epic is for a pretty select audience and there is a need for more accessible and less extreme high end challenge. They do feel its successful in offering a challenge that requires teamwork and tactics but the audience is narrow.

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U7, the latest
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