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 U7, new content

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PostSubject: U7, new content   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:22 am

Three new quests, all free to play, all level 12. Named items and link to whats know about them so far.

Diplomatic Impunity

• Shield of Reflecting - +4 Large Shield, Absorb Petrification (5/rest), Stone Prison Guard [BTC][Kukennama chest].

• Snakeskin Vest - +5 Hide Armor, +10 Search, +10 Spot, Proof Against Poison, Greater Nimbleness [ML:8, BTA][End chest].

• Wand of Blasting - Elemental Surge (CL:12, 10/rest) [Wizard,Sorcerer, UMD:35] [ML:10, BTC, Exclusive][End chest].

Eyes of Stone

• Gorgon Armor - +4 Full plate, Gorgon Breath (CL:10, 3/rest), Constitution +4, Earthen Guard [ML:8, BTA][Coin Lords Chest].

• Gorgon Docent - +4 Docent Gorgon Breath (CL:10, 3/rest), Constitution +4, Earthen Guard [ML:8, BTA][Coin Lords Chest].

• Katra's Wit - Ring, Charisma +5, Diplomacy +10, Wrath of Sora Kell [ML:11, BTA]

• Rocksplitter - +4 Heavy Pick, Screaming, Thundering, Destruction, Adamantine ([ML:10, BTC][End Chest Chest].

• Stone dust Handwraps - +4 handwraps, Stunning +6, Path of Guarding Stone, Stone Prison [ML:10, BTA][Coin Lords Chest].

Frame work

• Maenya's Fists - Gloves, Strength +5, Intimidate +10, Wrath of Sora Kell [ML:11, BTA]

• Scepter of the Fleshweaver - +4 Club, Stone to Flesh (CL:5, 3/rest), Greater Transmutation Focus, Intelligence +5 [ML:10]

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U7, new content
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