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 Its 5 weeks untill the new expansion

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The Missing Link
The Missing Link

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PostSubject: Its 5 weeks untill the new expansion   Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:29 pm

19th august.

Iv'e allready gone full hog, slam bam caboodle. £67 of my dole dossers giro :-p

I would HIGHLY recommend the pre-purchase Standard edition $30 whats that £20.

FOR 10 NEW QUESTS, and 2 Explorer area's (not inc 2 new free 1's or the 1 free with this pre-purchase. Ouh which has new new lev 15 snazzy ioun stone 5%xp +40 HP) .
1,000 turbine points
Lesser EPIC tome of learning(+15% 1st time quest completion then +5% for all epic quests)but only 1 per server so 1 character only.
1 character slot
1 +1 skill tome per character
New Iconic Character Warforged Badeforged Paladin starts at lev 15. +neat cosemetic outfit and goggles
NOTE. OTHER Iconic character will only be available via TP unless buying collectors ed.
Tressym , flying cat creature companion. YOU know you WANT ONE!!!!

What else can you get for £20 that gives so much fun NOT INC a bunch of flowers and bottle of wine for this missis

The FRAG will have something NEW to do :-)
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Its 5 weeks untill the new expansion
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